Icelandic lamb is gourmet lamb, it is tender and fine grained and noted by top chefs for its superior quality. My sheep are grassfed, raised on naturally on quality pasture and hay. Grassfed meat has been shown by research to be a healthier choice than grain fed meat.

Lamb is ready in the fall. I will also be offering hoggett, which is sheep that are a year to two years old, as well as mutton, both available for a reduced price. I will cover the processing fees which generally start at $90 and go up in accordance with size. I can also arrange for delivery in most instances. If you are interested in custom gourmet lamb, hoggett or mutton, contact me. I’m happy to answer questions and explain the custom meat process. Many people will go in on one lamb with family and/or friends. It is an economical way to have gourmet, naturally grown, grassfed meat.

Prices: Lamb: $12/lb Hanging Weight; the cost of processing is covered.
Hoggett: $8/lb Hanging Weight; the cost of processing is covered.
Mutton: $6/lb Hanging Weight, the cost of processing is covered.